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Covid and Loneliness is Not the New Normal: 3 Ways to Avoid It.

by calmAscent

August 17, 2020

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Eerily quiet baseball games. Or worse, fake crowd noise during EPL soccer games. Bras made out of masks? Yes, this is a thing. Check it out here. Is this really the new normal? Your loyal servants here at calmAscent scream out a collective no!

Loneliness has been a problem in the U.S. way before the pandemic. But the distinction between being alone and being lonely is also well trodden ground.

So, here’s your playbook on how to beat the loneliness thing:

1. Ok this one surprised even us. A recent study by social psychologist Paravati Harrigan found that doing things like watching your favorite TV shows, aka binge watching, listening to music, and eating comfort food can lead to social fulfillment. Wow. Awesome.

2. Stay busy. Being bored often confuses the mind into believing you are lonely. Often, you are just idle minded, and we know where that leads. So, read a book, learn a new skill, or when in doubt, default to the activities mentioned in #1 above.

3. Exercise. Your gym teacher may have been right all along. Helping beat the loneliness blues is yet another benefit on the long list of the pluses of exercise. Squeeeeze the biceps and squash loneliness.

Don’t feel like you have to fight loneliness alone…well, you know what we mean. Download the app for more tidbits of wisdom and practical exercises for your mind and spirit.

Also, we found this cool new website founded by Cornell college students that helps you find friends for zoom calls during quarantine. It’s a good idea with good intentions, so check out Quarantine Buddy. This is not an ad! :). Technology can be our friend if we let it.

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