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Get quick and easy nuggets and exercises to improve focus, clarity and mental balance every day on your personalized feed!

The calmAscent Experience

We all strive to improve our mental performance and become a master of our emotions.

But we all contend with the complexities of modern life and have an "always-on" lifestyle. This often leaves us in a constant state of mental fog and confusion.

That's why we created the calmAscent app.

Daily nuggets of mindfulness as well as general productivity and mental enhancement information and exercises. Delivered to your personalized feed daily.

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Awesome Features

New daily content everyday

High quality content created by our team of entrepreneurs and mindfulness experts.

Write and save your daily journals

Easy to use journal for recording your daily thoughts and reflections.

Daily quotes and questions to help you organize your thoughts

You get content from Zen Buddhism, Taoism, yoga philosophy, Stoicism and contemporary sources of wisdom and inspiration.


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